#43 in AMERICA!

Wow, we were blown away a few weeks ago when an AMAZING baker friend of mine texted me to congratulate me, on what I said??  Ummmm ranking #43 in America for Best Wedding Cake Bakeries!

It’s crazy, how did they find us, how do they know about us?  So I read and found out.

To determine this, we scoured the country (via the internet) for highly-rated bakeries with long lists of satisfied clientele, taking the top contenders from each state into a final list for consideration.

Once we determined their worth via popular ranking, we subjected them to even deeper scrutiny to narrow down some of the fine selections. First we evaluated the variety and creativity of the cakes in question. Sure, a bakery may make a killer doughnut, but can they bake a wedding cake with complex flavors that looks as pretty as it tastes? We then analyze their social media interaction, their number of followers and “likes,” as a metric for how involved they are with their clients and how up-to-date they are on current trends. And for the final level of analysis, we used our editorial discretion to evaluate overall quality and value, taking all of these elements into consideration and our own expertise (seriously, we’ve covered wedding cakes quite frequently) to determine the best bakery to commission a quality cake for your nuptials.

Slideshow: 50 Best Wedding Cake Bakeries in America (Slideshow)  Visit The Daily Meal here for the full article.

Apparently we’re not giving ourselves enough credit, my staff was overjoyed and validated that their hard work is valued.  It was an amazing morale boost.

Thank you to all of our amazing customers, brides and friends, we adore you all!



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